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1. LJ user name: Jennay138
2. Name: Jen
4. Brief list of favourite sweets: anything chocolate:)
5. Favourite type of chocolate: dark
6. Favourite thing about/symbol of Christmas: the lights:)
7. Favourite fruit flavours: strawberry, cherry, watermelon (anything but grape)
8. Do you want to be paired with a buddy from another
country if possible? yes, please
9. Do you prefer chocolate or sweets/candy? both:)
10. Favourite colour(s): blue
11. Anything you really hate? grape and licorice
12. Anything else you wish to tell your buddy? i send lots of candy back!:)
13. Any suggestions for the community in general? let's keep it going this time!
14. Would you prefer this Christmas exchange to be a secret santa exchange or do you want to know who you'll be giving to and receiving from? I'd rather know.
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