Jenna (kytheraen) wrote in sugar_shop,

1. LJ user name: Kytheraen
2. Name: Jenna
4. Brief list of favourite sweets: pretty much anything fruity. Chocolate with fondant filling, fruit taffy, starburst... stuff like that. I like little things that you have to eat five of to make it worthwhile (taffy bars for example). Oh, and junior mints ^.^
5. Favourite type of chocolate: I like all three (white, brown and black). Only aversion to chocolate I've had is Hershey's, cos it's horrible
6. Favourite thing about/symbol of Christmas: being with family and filling up with xmas dinner
7. Favourite fruit flavours: apple, raspberry... anything fruity. Not a huge fan of watermelon or wintergreen
8. Do you want to be paired with a buddy from another country if possible? Yes. Don't see there's much point in sending people sweets they can already get
9. Do you prefer chocolate or sweets/candy? sweets
10. Favourite colour(s): red, black
11. Anything you really hate? licorice and nuts beside peanuts and pistachios
12. Anything else you wish to tell your buddy? I love runts, but please don't send me any. A friend sent me a 5 kilo bag a year ago, and I still have half left!
13. Any suggestions for the community in general? It needs to be more active :D Also maybe some ground rules to say each pair has to set a price on the amount of candy they send (say $10) and you have to send by airmail. Surface from Britain to US takes 4-6 weeks. :(
14. Would you prefer this Christmas exchange to be a secret santa exchange or do you want to know who you'll be giving to and receiving from? It'd be nice to know who I'm receiving from, so then I can thank them :)
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