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Maple candy is the best!!! Has anyone ever tried it? It is mostly unique to my area be maybe someone has had it before!? I LOVE IT!!!!!! My area has a maple festival each year so we get EVERYTHING maple. Maple stirs are great too.
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Anyone ever tasted gummi bears, which is some really good candy. I bought some yesterday, and I noticed that they come in white..I never seen a white gummi bears before, but they taste delicious. I just love me some gummi bears, yum :) :).
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Do you have the problem where you start planning a trip to say, 1 or 2 countries, but end up looking at a map and wanting to go essentially EVERYWHERE nearby that country (and the country next to it... and the one next to that...)
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We need a sugar boost!

Hey y'all,

What's up around here? I haven't seen any posts here in ages, so I thought I'd mention some of the great stuff I just grabbed while in the U.S. last week (I'm Canadian).

Lay's Cool Guacamole:
Not as good as the guac Doritos, but pretty good overall (taste a bit too much like sour cream 'n' onion to me)

Cheetos Crunchy Flamin' Hot Limon:
Nice, there are tonnes of hot/limon items in the 'states right now it seems (at least in cali), and this is the best of the lot. Nice flavour and a bit of a lasting heat.

I always buy these, thinking how good they look and forgetting they use salted peanuts (why on earth do people do this?). Still good, but could be great.

Chocolate version of Twinkies with chocolate icing on top and same mysterious white filling - decent, but could be more chocolatety ;)

One of my faves, basically sour Mike & Ike's in raspberry, green apple, tangerine and watermelon - very yummy, wish I'd bought a 24 case ;)

Sour Lifesavers:
nice initial sourness with sweet candy (watermelon, green apple, cherry and lime I think)

I have a few more treats I didn't eat yet, so I'll do another post in a couple of days.

Also, good_ink if you're out there, let me know - I have stuff for you that's hitting expiry dates!!!