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Ok, so a lot of people have been wondering what is happening with sugar_shop recently.

The true, but very boring story is that I moved house, and my pc was out of action for a while, my maintainance of the community slipped and when I decided to bring everything up to date - I'd completely forgotten the passwords that I had set up both for the journal itself and the special email account I had set up. I still can't remember them now - so first of all - does anyone know how to retrieve a lost password when the password reminder will be sent to an email address that has become inactive because I can't remember that password either?

Secondly I would love to get everything up and running again, but it's quite a big job to maintain everything - matching partners was one of the hardest thing to do last time - so does anyone want to help me out with this? It would be much appreciated.

I guess I was also disallusioned when my partner who I had done a very successful exchange with then didn't reciprocate on the second occasion, made her journal friends only and didn't respond to any of my emails. Lets think of ways to make sure that we can stop this from happening!

So apologies for not being a good maintainer, but I want to make every effort to get things up and running to the way that they used to be. I hope that this is ok with everyone.
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