Laura (chi_chi_ramone) wrote in sugar_shop,

1. LJ user name: chi_chi_ramone
4. Brief list of favourite sweets: hmmm...blackcurrant liqourice (spelling?, jelly babies, toffee...things with nuts in, ANY nuts are also very good.
5. Favourite type of chocolate: kinder eggs, dark chocolate...ANY chocolate really ;o)
6. Favourite thing about/symbol of Christmas: the excuse of eating too much, drinking too much and seeing lots of people. fun things. like at christmas it's OK to drink at 11am and eat lots of nuts and chcocolate. hehe.
7. Favourite fruit flavours: orange, blackcurrant.
8. Do you want to be paired with a buddy from another
country if possible? i dunnae really mind. though from reading other surverys, i think i actually agree that it seems a bit silly to trade with people who can get hold of the same stuff...but if there's no-one from abroad to trade with i don't mind, i like sweets wherever they're from!
9. Do you prefer chocolate or sweets/candy? ummm, i think i prefer chocolate, but does it travel very well? especially if i'm trading with someone from another country? i don't really mind...i'll eat 'owt!
10. Favourite colour(s): purple...
11. Anything you really hate? the taste of synthetic strawberry. i love real strawberries, but strawberry flavoured things ming and sour sweets. you know those evil hi-sour sweets. ugh.
12. Anything else you wish to tell your buddy? ummm...i dunno?
13. Any suggestions for the community in general?nah...i'm one of those people who join communities and never post, so i don't really have room to talk! it's good that it's all up and running again now though...
14. Would you prefer this Christmas exchange to be a secret santa exchange or do you want to know who you'll be giving to and receiving from? i don't mind... im so indecisive, which ever is easiest for you to arrange.

ta-dah...all done!

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